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Make sure they pay net you don`t pay the gross amounts. Even you want payment instead of termination, all accumulated vacation pay, any proportional bonus if one was due. Be sure to use a law firm with a specific area of labour law, as these are very familiar with comp agreements. You don`t have to accept the first offer you can negotiate (or your legal counsel will be on your behalf). Approve the text as a reference and include it in the agreement. All reasonable requests! Does it give you time to find another job while you work for them while you develop the notice? I ask, because sometimes it can be easier to get a new job when you are still working in the old one. Also check if the agreement allows you to add an agreed reference form – they often do and it can be useful. Last week, the government also announced that it would change the taxation of payments, so make sure your labour lawyer discusses them (the old law is still in effect) and whether or not the payment is tax-exempt. I think it would be wise to consult an employment lawyer to see how strong your argument for constructive dismissal would be, because it would probably give you an idea of what you might expect in a settlement agreement and how best to ask for an agreement. It seems to me that you could have one, but I have no expertise. Good luck. I will enter into a settlement agreement with my employer, I do not know how much they will offer, but I do not want to go back.

I`ve been with the company 5 years, always had good ratings etc (not that they were ever written) wrongly get a good reference, etc. I am disabled, but this has no influence on my performance, but I fear it will be more difficult to get a comparable position. Does anyone know how I would know if they are proposing a reasonable settlement? I`ve always been paid less than others who did the same job, and I was afraid they would follow the same principle? There was really no reason to be paid less, at one point, 2 colleagues who were doing the same job were 50% more than me – supposedly because it was «too high a leap», it was a bit balanced over the last 3 years, but there is always a difference. I appreciate all the advice I am limited to because all office meetings and training take place in the original office, where I should not go for security reasons What is the security problem? If the bully has been treated and your employer has leaned back to be diligent about you, I do not see how there is a safety issue (unless I miss something).

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