Eu Beef Trade Agreement

Trump said that in the first year, U.S. duty-free beef exports to the EU would continue to grow by 46 percent and 90 percent within seven years. «In total, duty-free exports will increase from $150 million to $420 million, an increase of more than 180 percent,» he said. It was not expected that the agreement would change the total volume of beef imports and would have to be approved by the European Parliament. With this new exclusive quota per country, American breeders have a guaranteed market share in Europe. We look forward to the European Union`s swift approval of this agreement. «The biggest problem with the European market was uncertainty,» said Kent Bacus, director of international trade at the National Cattlemen`s Beef Association, an industry group. U.S. farmers have suffered from trade disputes with other trading partners, including China and Mexico.

U.S. farmers will benefit from a larger share of the European beef market, with annual duty-free exports set to increase from $150 million to $420 million if the agreement is fully implemented. . . .

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