Sindhu River Agreement In Hindi

India and Pakistan were on the brink of war for Kashmir. There did not seem to be any possibility of negotiating on this issue until tensions had eased. A way to reduce hostility… Focus on other important issues on which cooperation would be possible. Progress in these areas would foster a sense of community between the two nations that, over time, could lead to a settlement of Kashmir. Accordingly, I proposed that India and Pakistan jointly develop a programme to jointly develop and exploit the River System of the Indus Basin, on which both nations depended for irrigation water. With new dams and irrigation canals, the indus and its tributaries could be manufactured in such a way as to provide the additional water needed by each country to increase food production. In that article, I proposed that the World Bank could use its good offices to bring the parties to an agreement and help finance an industrial development programme. [37]:93 3. These storage works, along with other works such as Beas-Sutlej Link, Madhopur-Beas Link and Indira Gandhi Nahar Project, have helped India use almost all (95 percent) of the water in the eastern river. India has also been granted the right to produce hydropower through the River Projects (RoR) on western rivers, which are unlimited, subject to specific design and exploitation criteria. Lilienthal`s idea was welcomed by officials at the World Bank (then the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and then by the Indian and Pakistani authorities.

Eugene R. Black, then president of the World Bank, told Lilienthal that his proposal «makes a big sense.» Black wrote that the bank was interested in the economic progress of both countries and feared that the dispute over the industry was only a serious obstacle to this development. India`s previous objections to third-party arbitration were corrected by the Bank`s insistence that it would not decide on the dispute, but that it would work as a channel to reach an agreement. [38] 2. To exploit the waters of the eastern rivers attributed to India on an exclusive basis, India built the Bhakra Dam on Satluj, Pong and Pandoh Dam on Beas and Thein (Ranjitsagar) on Ravi. The World Bank was quickly frustrated by this lack of progress….

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