The Four Agreements Goodreads Quotes

It`s on my playlist! Thank you for recommending me. I`ve never heard of it! I love reading books about wellness, so maybe I have to read the book! I am not sure you understand the point of convergence #2. As for a woman`s stick, because he does not live according to this agreement, he can blame his wife for her abusive behavior. And many women who live in abusive relationships believe in the story that the offender makes, that it is their fault that he beat them. Not taking things personally is not the same as not taking them serious or not acknowledging abuses. It is the realization that the offender behaves as she does, because of her distorted view of the world (the story in her head) and not because «she pushed me to do it». Not to take things personally is to refuse gaslighting, to refuse the story of the culprit. That`s why it`s powerful. I have never heard of the four agreements. These are definitely difficult things you can do Thank you for the blog post…

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