Transport And Main Roads Enterprise Bargaining Certified Agreement 2016

The Labour Relations Office will manage the arbitration on behalf of the government. If you have any questions about the conduct of the arbitration proceedings, please contact your union or the relevant IR/ER team at your agency. The Government remains committed to confirming a basic replacement agreement as soon as possible and, to this end, remains open to discussions with union negotiators on all matters that can be resolved outside of arbitration. The government and all parties will now work to develop a certified replacement agreement. Once this process is completed, further information will be published on the proposed agreement and all staff members who will be covered by the agreement will be put to the vote. In the meantime, see a copy of the concordance heads (PDF, 288KB). The replacement agreement will cover the same key issues as addressed in the current agreement, including rates of pay; classification structures; hours of work; leave plans; provisions on consultation of workers; and many other things. During the development of the TMR 2016-2020 Strategic Work Plan, it was recognized that there was a need to review and update the personnel plan.. .

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