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that a «mouse click» is sufficient recognition and consent to the terms; the recognition and conclusion of a legitimate REALTOR®/consumer or REALTOR®/client relationship with the participant, including, if necessary, the fulfilment of agency, non-agency and other applicable advertising obligations and the execution of all necessary agreements; No problem. Once your VOW agreement has been verified by the Board of Directors, we may disable (or you) the search function provided for the offers sold. This option is available in the back-end settings of your website. Understand that any agreement concluded at any time between the Participant and the Holder, imposes a financial obligation on the Holder or creates a representation of the Holder by the Participant, must be determined separately from the Terms of Use, must be well marked and cannot be accepted simply by a click of the mouse; Acknowledge and understand that the Terms of Use do not establish an agency relationship or impose any financial obligation on the Licensee or establish a representation agreement between the Licensee and the Participant; Must provide a valid email address. The registrant cannot access the VOW until the participant has verified that the email address provided is valid. Yes. You will need to sign a new agreement with your board of directors specifically for this. VOW is considered a business site. The idea is to offer a more personalized and comprehensive home search that better replicates the individual interactions of the online office.

The term Virtual Office Website («VOW») means the website of a Participant (REAL ESTATE AGENTS®) or a feature of a Participant`s website through which the Participant provides real estate brokerage services to registrants (clients and prospects) with whom the Participant has first established a relationship where the Holder has the opportunity to search for MLS data®, subject to Participant Supervision, Oversight and Accountability. Please understand that the information on this website is considered valid but not guaranteed. It is the responsibility of the registrants to confirm all the information themselves. The broker may not have reviewed or approved improvements to the offer. All information provided by the listing agent/broker is considered reliable, but is not guaranteed and must be independently verified. This is very good information about real estate. I liked what you said about how smart it would be to modernize your marketing materials. I liked the idea of having a QR code on the ad panel. .

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